Profit Year Over Year

This report lets you see how your profits are trending, by month, compared to previous years, so you can budget appropriately, and identify any negative profit trends while you still have time to course correct.

  • Role

    Store Owner or Inventory Manager

  • Job

    Planning: Promotional, Staffing, Inventory

  • Recommended Use


Benefits to You:

Move past basic gross sales to understand whether your business is truly making money.
  • See how the gross profits in your store compare year over year to the same time period.
  • Identify emerging negative trends and adjust your promotional efforts, merchandising, and staffing to correct before it is too late.
  • Identify emerging growth trends while there is still time to maximize them through additional purchasing or staffing.
Proactively create long-term strategies for promotion and purchases.
  • Make sure your discounting strategy is not cutting too deeply into your profits, especially if you do planned seasonal discounts.
  • Work with your staff on healthy discounting practices and basket sizes to ensure healthy profits.
  • Take steps to save for tax liabilities generated from increased profits, or plan for additional business investments.
Grow your Store with Confidence
  • With an objective look at your profit growth, understand the true health of your store to determine whether it is a good time to expand locations and staff.

How it's calculated:

  • The default dimensions for this report are Month and Year.
  • The report is pivoted on the Year dimension.
  • It is filtered by Completed Year for the last 3 years.
  • Sale Line Profit is the summed profit of all sale lines during this time period.
  • Profit Percent Change compares a previous year to its following year and calculates the percentage difference in profit between the two.
    • A negative percentage means profits decreased by that amount.
    • A positive percentage means profits increased by that amount.

Available Variations:

By Day of Week
  • A chart showing what percentage of profit occurred on each day of the week, year over year, to help you see which days are the most profitable in your store.
Sales by Top Category
  • The default report grouped by top level category instead of by month, so you can see which segments of your inventory are the most profitable, and whether that's changed over time.
By Vendor
  • The default report grouped by vendor instead of by month, so you can see the profitability of each of your vendors and whether that's changed over time.
By Manufacturer
  • The default report grouped by manufacturer instead of by month, so you can see the profitability of each of your manufacturers and whether that's changed over time.
By Shop
  • For multi-store retailers, see how much each of your shops added to your overall profits and how that's changed over time.

Next Steps:

  • Train your staff on best practices with discounting and markdowns.
  • Re-merchandise the store accordingly.
  • Adjust your promotion and growth plan accordingly.